Welcome to ISGC 2009

Stepping into the 8th year, we are pleased to announce that the International Symposium on Grid Computing (ISGC) 2009 will be held at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan from 16th to 23rd April 2009. ISGC is the premier international forum in Asia Pacific that aims to promote the awareness of the global Grid operation and collaboration between Asia-Pacific region and the world. It also brings together scientists and engineers worldwide to exchange ideas, to present on challenges, solutions and future development issues in the field of Grid Computing.

ISGC is one of the most significant annual international events in the Asia-Pacific region that provides an excellent opportunity for the potential developers, users in Asia Pacific to meet and to share and learn from the latest achievements from each other. By exchanging their experiences on knowing how to develop Grid technology and application, this Symposium would provide the Asia Pacific Grid community with invaluable insights for future collaboration.

The theme of the 2009 symposium is the celebration of new scientific advances being enabled by grids in the Asia-Pacific region and how the many types of resources (volunteer grids, production managed grids and cloud systems) are being used to support these advances. 3 keynote speeches for the Symposium will be presented by:

  1. Ruben S. Montero ( Associate Professor at UCM, Spain) on OpenNebula, pen-source virtualisation systems.
  2. David Anderson (Research Scientist at UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory) on Volunteer Computing.
  3. Tim Cornwell (Leader of ASKAP Computing, Australia National Telescope Facility) on Square Kilometre Array.

The symposium will cover a variety of presentations ranging from applications in High Energy Physics, Biomedicine & Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Environmental Monitoring & Disaster Mitigation, Humanities & Social Sciences, Grid Activities in Asia-Pacific, as well as technical developments in Grid Operation & Management, Grid Middleware & Interoperability, Grid Security & Networking, Digital Library & Content Management, and Grid Computing & Cloud Computing.

A Volunteer Computing (Asia@ Home) Workshop (http://event.twgrid.org/isgc2009/asiaathome/), EGEE Tutorial (http://training.eu-egee.org/index.php?id=227), Grid Security Training (http://osct.web.cern.ch/osct/n/), EUAsiaGrid (http://www.euasiagrid.eu/) project meeting, iRODS workshop (http://irods.diceresearch.org), and APGridPMA Meeting (http://www.apgridpma.org/) will be organized in conjunction with ISGC 2009. Collaborating events will take place from the 16th ~20th April 2009. For details of the program please refer to ISGC 2009 program.

By sharing experiences from a variety of Grid systems, ISGC provides the potential grid providers, developers and users with invaluable insights for developing grid technology and application. We look forward to seeing you at ISGC 2009!