Full paper submission deadline is now extended to 18 April.


On 25 March, ISGC 2011 (International Symposium on Grids and Clouds) in conjunction with OGF31 (Open Grid Forum) has closed with satisfaction. The following links are material that have produced on-site over the past week by friends from e-Science Talk and iSGTW. Check these out to see what have happened and highlights during the event.






The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC 2011) in conjunction with the Open Grid Forum (OGF 31) will be held at Academia Sinica in Taipei from 21-25 March 2011 with co-located events from 19-21 March 2011, including: IGTF All-Hands Meeting, IDGF Tutorial, Asia@home Hackfest, and iRODS Workshop. The conference is hosted by the Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre (ASGC).

Over the decade, with the continuous support from local and overseas delegates, ISGC has become the primary international distributed computing forum in Asia Pacific. It aims to promote the awareness of grid and cloud computing activities and advance the e-Science application in Asia-Pacific. We believe the engaging contributions and enthusiastic participation from all ISGC 2011 delegates will stimulate the dialogue and provide the community with valuable insights for future development and international collaboration. ISGC has successfully identified the most current and important issues in the grid and cloud computing field, demonstrated the joint effort from industry and academic sector, and the fruit of discussion at the ISGC has been leading the trend in research as well as its application.

Theme of ISGC 2011 is "Seamless distributed computing infrastructures": The research community is making wide-spread use of distributed computing facilities. Linking together computer centers, production grids, desktop systems or public clouds, many user communities have been able to expand the scope of the research they undertake and the speed at which they can produce results. But much of this usage is currently constrained by limits of interoperability between such distributed infrastructures. Changes in the way we approach distributed computing as well as new services from commercial providers means that these boundaries are starting to blur, opening the way for hybrid solutions that maximize the use of computing resources. The focus of ISGC2011 will be on highlighting the opportunities that exist for the research community in better integrated computing infrastructures and the steps necessary to achieve the vision of a seamless global research infrastructure. Topics covered in ISGC 2011 include: HEP Applications, Biomedicine & Life Sciences Applications, Earth Sciences Applications, Humanities & Social Sciences Applications, Environmental Monitoring & Disaster Mitigation, Operation & Management, Middleware & Interoperability, Security & Networking, Data Infrastructure, Grids & Clouds, and Desktop distributed Systems.

ISGC sincerely invites and encourages anyone that is interested in grids and clouds to submit abstracts to the above topics mentioned. Further information for abstract submission; please visit the Call for Papers page.