Time Program
14:00 ~ 15:30 Introduction to the Objectives of the FIM Workshop Series and Summary of the Work Performed To-date

Presentation of the Draft FIM Paper and Discussion on Recommendations

Feedback on the View of FIM and Recommendations from Asian Colleagues
15:30 ~ 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 ~ 17:30 Progress Report on eduGAIN Servie Manager (Remote Presentation)
Valter NORDH, NORDUnet/ GU, SE

Experience with REFEDS and eduGAIN

Status Update on the Umbrella Project
Heinz J. WEYER, Paul Scherrer Institut, DE

Next Steps

Next Workshop


Federated identity management (FIM) is an arrangement that can be made among multiple organisations that lets subscribers use the same identification data to obtain access to the secured resources of all organisations in the group. Identity federation offers economic advantages, as well as convenience, to organisation and their network subscribers. For example, multiple institutions can share a single application, with resultant cost savings and consolidation of resources. In order for FIM to be effective, the partners must have a sense of mutual trust.

A number of laboratories including national and regional research organizations, are facing the challenge of a deluge of scientific data that needs to be accessed by expanding user bases in dynamic collaborations that cross organisational and national boundaries.

Driven by these needs, representatives from a variety of research communities, including photon/neutron facilities, social science & humanities, High-energy physics, atmospheric science, bioinformatics and fusion energy, have come together to discuss how to address these issues with the objective to define a common policy and trust framework for Identity Management based on existing structures, federations and technologies.

This will be the 3rd in a series of workshops on federated Identity Systems for Scientific Collaborations. The first workshop was held at CERN in June 2011 ( and the second at RAL in November 2011 ( This third workshop will focus on interacting with the Asia Pacific community and finalising a the contents of a paper which will present a common vision with a set requirements and recommendations.

All participants are welcome to join this workshop to learn more about FIM and contribute to defining the common vision and roadmap.

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