ECAI Workshop:
Distributed Data Collection and Text Analysis - Integrating Scale Multi-Disciplinary Data to Build Knowledge


The workshop will focus broadly on ECAI's current research interests:  Maritime Buddhism and text analysis and visualization, along with continued emphasis on mapping and timelines.  It will bring together scholars developing methods of using large amounts of data from diverse sources and constructing new ways of exploring cultural history.   The ECAI Atlas of Maritime Buddhism project requires analyzing large amounts of distributed data from different disciplines, such as historical texts, archaeological records, rubbings, art,  and artifacts, to construct a framework of semi-structured data that supports mapping and visualization of historical patterns. The data will inform creation of  immersive museum displays of imagery and contextual web resources.  In collaboration with the Asia-Pacific SpatioTemporal Institute at Chengchi University a session on Taiwan data and mapping projects will be held on March 16th.  Together these projects have opened up interesting ways of seeing vast amounts of cultural data as Big Data and encouraged development of methods of integrating and filtering data to analyze historical trends and reconstruct more nuanced views of history and pre-history.