Educational informatics Workshop –
Active Learning Workshop for ICT Enhanced Course Design and ePortfolio Design

  • Date: Monday, 14 March 2016
  • Venue: 3F, Building for Humanities and Social Science, Academia Sinica


  • Tosh Yamamoto and Maki Okunuki (Kansai University, JP)
  • Ti-Chuang (Timothy) Chiang (National Taiwan University, TW)


This workshop is a full-day workshop consisting of (i) the morning session of educational technology blasts to “show and tell” the cutting-edge educational technologies and services to promote Active Learning and (ii) the afternoon session for hands-on & heads-on workshop to build the participants’ own dream courses making use of the technologies introduced in the morning session.

The workshop in the morning will walk participants through the cutting edge educational technology and services. While introducing new educational technologies, the concept of ePortfolio in conjunction with Active Learning is also shared. And the afternoon session provides the participants with hands-on and heads-on opportunities to design their own ICT- enhanced courses.

It must be emphasized that the workshop is to design an ICT enhanced course to promote Active Learning in a new educational paradigm: the Social Constructivism Approach. Thus, the workshop is not for the course design for the traditional education. With the help of ICT and ingenuity, Active Learning is realized not only for a small class size but for a large class size.

WHO is this session for?

The workshop is intended for all educators as well as pre-service students who are planning on teaching in a new educational paradigm. School ICT staff to support educators is also welcome.

PREREQUISITE for Participants:

  • Motivated Educators for Active Learning
  • Participants with moderate ICT literacy
  • Smart Phone users


Morning Session:
The Cutting-Edge Technologies:
Rich Media Technologies: vidyo®, binumi®, collaaj®, TurnItIn®, Google®, Clica® Mr. Hiroshige Kusumoto, Mr. Johan Vimolchalao, Mr. Masaru Komatsu, Mr. Masaki Watanabe, Mr. Kentaro Kobayashi, Maki Okunuki, Tosh Yamamoto, Ti-Chuang (Timothy) Chiang

Afternoon Session:
Maki Okunuki, Tosh Yamamoto, Ti-Chuang (Timothy) Chiang, & facilitators